Diana Tehrani PLLC

Attorney Profile

Ms. Tehrani’s parents, grandparents, siblings and extended family all call Vancouver, Washington home. Ms. Tehrani was raised in Vancouver and attended Hudson’s Bay High School and Columbia River High School before completing her bachelor’s degree at the University of Washington.
She has close ties to the Vancouver community both as an investor in the real estate market, and as a volunteer for numerous Vancouver agencies including the Humane Society, the Master Gardener Program and the Clark County Volunteer Lawyer program. “I’ve wanted to be an attorney since I was in second grade” Ms. Tehrani says. She has the highest respect for the legal process and is desirous to demystify the process for her clients by providing the type of straightforward guidance a friend or family member would provide.

  • Close ties to the community with friends, family and volunteer commitments.
  • Experience with land development in sensitive areas with local, state and federal oversight.
  • Experienced in writing and interpreting ordinances and code for municipalities.
  • Six years volunteer experienced as a planning commissioner in Pacific County.
  • Vice President of the Clark County Inns Of Court, an organization dedicated to the promotion of courtesy and professionalism among attorneys.
  • Twenty years experience as a landlord in Clark County.
  • Fifteen years experience as a residential developer in Clark County and Pacific County.