• Adult Protective Services investigations
  • Appeal of APS findings
  • Defense of Vulnerable Adult Protective Order actions
  • Representation through the administrative hearing process
  • Representation during APS investigations
  • Representation during APS hearings
  • Representation during APS appeals of substantiated findings

Defense of Administrative Actions

An APS substantiated finding could severely impact your life and livelihood.

A substantiated finding could bar you from employment in certain fields, could prevent you from acting as a caregiver for a loved one, could restrict your access to your loved one and could even lead to criminal charges.

An administrative investigation may feel less formal or ‘friendlier’ than a formal criminal investigation, but make no mistake; the ramifications of the investigation are real.
A caregiver or family member need not intend to do anything wrong. Many substantiated findings occur despite the person charged’ s best intentions to do what is right for an elderly parent , spouse, friend or impaired adult child.

It is important to have representation through this process as early as possible one the administrative agency begins an investigation.

An appeal after the agency has substantiated a finding of abuse, neglect or financial exploitation shifts the burden to the accused and is more costly and time consuming than assertively controlling the process during the investigatory phase.

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