• Rear end collisions
  • Head on collisions
  • Semi hit and run collisions
  • Crosswalk collisions with pedestrians
  • Dog bites in public areas
  • Dog bits while caring for a friend’s pet
  • Intersection collisions
  • Contested liability fatalities
  • Fireworks accidents
  • Collisions where driver runs a red light
  • Collisions where drivers fail to stop at stop sign
  • Sidewalk & Parking lot injuries

Your personal injury attorney in Vancouver Washington

All of the above and more have been resolved successfully by our office. We handle these cases on a contingency basis meaning there is no money owed by you when we begin representation. In most instances we advance the costs to resolve your dispute.

If you were injured because of the negligence of another person you may initially feel that is ‘is no big deal’. It is important to protect your interests. Many soft tissue injuries take weeks or even months to resolve. It is not in your best interest to rush to a quick resolution which may not ‘make you whole’ for the damages you have suffered.

Most personal injury claims do not lead to law suits. If you are represented by an attorney who will represent your rights the insurance adjuster is much less inclined to send you away with a pat on the head and a few hundred dollars for your trouble.

You are entitled to recover compensation for both your economic losses and non-economic losses. How you handle your claim early on in the process could have an impact on the settlement. If you were injured due to the negligence of another, contact our office for a consultation. There is no charge for a personal injury consultation and these cases are handled on a contingency basis so there is no hourly fee for the service. Personal injury matters are handled in tandem with the law office of Charles H. Buckley, Jr. Together we offer our clients more than 40 years of combined litigation experience.

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